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Transforming your business through technology is a strategic endeavor, and we’re your trusted partner for this journey. As a technology enablement company, we bring a comprehensive range of services to the table, aligning with your goals every step of the way.

From elevating your digital management to enabling eCommerce solutions, including D2C and marketplace management on platforms like Amazon and Walmart, we offer a one-stop solution. Ensuring your sustainability and business continuity, we provide cybersecurity solutions, data analytics for insights and optimization, and AI tools to drive cost-efficiency and productivity.

Our process begins with understanding your business intricately, debating the KPIs, and crafting a realistic plan to achieve your milestones. We operate as an integrated marketing-focused technology team within your organization, effectively acting as an extension of your team. This means you don’t have to worry about hiring, training, or replacing employees. Our plug-and-play team delivers results from day one, offering cost-effectiveness and efficiency that multiplies your ROI.

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Scaling often entails high costs, time investments, and organizational adjustments. We're not expensive consultants; we collaborate within your budget, deploying immediate strategies that seamlessly transition into sustainable long-term plans. Our focus is on delivering results, nothing less.

Digital Audit
Market Insights, Competition Analysis, Gaps, SWOT, and More.

Tech Enablement Plan
Comprehensive Development and Digital Management Plan with KPIs

Implementation & Improvement
Time-Bound Roll-Out Plan, KPIs, Milestones, and Continuous Improvements.

Crafting Global Tech Solutions World-Class Execution for World-Class Companies

Crafting Unique Digital Roadmaps: Tailored Technology Transformations for Maximum Leverage.

Our Leadership

The experience to tackle hard problems and the insight to see challenges from a fresh perspective

Qazi Fakhir Jamil

Director & CEO

“Meet our visionary leader, a seasoned technology entrepreneur, and a true pioneer in the field. With a rich understanding of how technology integrates seamlessly with businesses, Qazi has a proven track record of crafting and implementing cutting-edge technology enablement roadmaps for global organizations. These strategies consider multi-faceted stakeholder dynamics and are designed to drive innovation from the top down.

Change, in his view, is synonymous with innovation, and innovation is always top-driven. Qazi possesses a deep understanding of how management groups function, ensuring that his recommendations aren’t mere plans but holistic go-to-market strategies complete with timelines, role assignments, and KPIs for effective benchmarking. His core mission is to foster corporate innovation and help companies uncover their true potential.

With an impressive 25-year journey marked by hands-on experience in Technology Enablement, Brand Management, eCommerce, Digital Media, Development, Creatives, Data Analytics, and AI, Qazi leads his team in delivering comprehensive solutions that drive success for businesses.

He leads an innovative team based out of USA and Canada, continuously trains his team for leadership and innovation, maintains strict business ethics, and fully embraces the entrepreneurial spirit with a results-oriented approach.”

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