How To Maximize Your Reach On Social Media Platforms

MQT Global is the digital marketing agency that has helped businesses progress greatly in the past years. Our team of highly trained and expert tech advisors and digital marketing specialists cater to the ever advancing and changing eCommerce demands of businesses by devising
effective strategies. The vitality and integrity of a business to have a strong social media footprint cannot be stressed enough. While not every business can afford or even care to pay for marketing on social media, there are still several organic ways to maximize the business’ reach on social media platforms without spending several dollars.

Here is what our experts at MQT Global say about maximizing the businesses reach on social media platforms;

1) Focus on the right social media platform

When it comes to social media, Facebook is the most talked about platform. Even Instagram and Twitter are emerging as solid platforms to showcase the face of the business. Which social media platform compliments the nature and niche of a business is something that varies from business to business. Every business needs to realize that is not primarily necessary to have presence on every social media platform out there. If your niche market or audience does not have presence on a
particular platform, it’s not recommended to waste energy on it. It is however wise to see what social media platforms your competitors are on, this should give you vision of places you want to mark your presence on too.

2) Optimizing Social Media Profiles

The social media algorithms and the ones used by search engines like Google work on almost similar lines. When we are creating content for the search engines, we optimize it with SEO tactics, don’t we? Well social media works the same way. You can spruce up your business’s social media profile to render it greater visibility and more defined optimization. And it’s not even too difficult. Here are some tactics that you may need to work on if you haven’t already;

a) Using a username that relates to your business

b) Use a photo or logo that is associated with your business

c) Make descriptions that are rich in the keywords relevant to your business

d) Add a track able link back to the website of your business

3. Posting and creating content that is evergreen

Make sure that your posts are engaging and not typical or mundane. Doesn’t matter if the nature of your business is too dry, there is always a way to make a decent, interesting posting out of it. Try posting stuff that is both informative and quirky if not funny. Do not come up with post that hold a expiration date; that is its only useful or informative for specified short period of time. Try and try again to be evergreen that are humorous, shocking or have a bit of mild-to- high emotional play.

4) Posting high-quality over posting more

It quality over quantity thing, yet again. In order to maximize your reach on the social media platforms, posting limitlessness is certainly NOT the answer. Certainly not all of the content will be reaching the audience. Facebook for instance says itself that the average user is subjected to over 1,500 stories per day on its feed. Posting higher quality, relevant content every once in awhile will drive you to the maximum more than posting low-quality material constantly ever will. Spamming your customers is the height of ill manners after all.

5. Posting during slow hours

The biggest misconception of all time is that you should post content during the busy hours. But that will just flung your content into a myriad of others stuff that people are seeing. Waiting until non-peak hours to post will save your content from being lost among-st others.

We at MQT Global are trained to provide you the best on the Internet. Join hands with us today and help us build you more. Contact our experts today!

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