Tips for Improving eCommerce Conversions

Nearly all the eCommerce strategies focus largely on boosting the number of visitors to the site. The main target is to grab a large stream of traffic to the website through effective Social media marketing, SEO content, PPC ads etc. The sole purpose of using these strategies is to get your website the large traffic you need. But it is the eCommerce conversions that enable and encourages website visitors to become customers after visiting the site.
Despite the critical significance of eCommerce conversion optimization, it is unfortunately often the most neglected part of eCommerce marketing. Not enough time and resources are invested to bring the psychology of the web users and website visitors in account, due to which most eCommerce websites have the average conversion rate of 1 to 4 percent.
eCommerce conversion optimization is aimed to expand the existing customer base and get more out of them. It is also a crucial aspect in boosting the Return on Investment (ROI) on the current investments in the online business.

Considering how important eCommerce Conversion to your business is, efforts must be made to improve the conversion rate: But how?
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1) The Website Design:
Better conversion rates depend on better website design. Inculcating certain design features, color combination etc. channel a great impact on the web users and influences the conversion rate. With a clear, sleek, attractive yet simple website design, visitors are guaranteed to take the course of action your online business desires. Efforts must be made to give the website a “clean” look.

2) Brand Messaging:
Home Page of any website is very important as it conveys the brand’s message to lure the customers in. Adding large, clear headings in order to highlight the important aspects of the site is a must. The use of font and font hierarchy is something that should not be neglected. Cluttered Home Page design can be confusing and may drive visitors away.

3. Site Performance:
According to recent statistic, in the past years most of the online shopping was done using mobile phones, while a comparatively minimal online shopping was done using desktop PCs or laptops. This calls out to the dire need of your website to become as mobile friendly as possible. Potential customers can be driven away easily if they do not find the website compatible and easily usable on their mobile phones. While getting a Mobile App for your online business is the best option; making the website as mobile friendly as possible is also a crucial initiative.
The website should have simple, user friendly navigation. You must not baffle the user with confusing menu, lists, tabs etc.

4) Website navigation
Clear navigation is a must and should be intuitive. All the menu tabs should be showcased according to how users shop. The language used should be the one that is used by most users in everyday shopping for the categories and items. Using attractive, catchy names for the products in the product navigation is not the best thing to do as it may confuse the customers. Use of breadcrumbs improves user navigation and helps in making the site user friendly.

5) Product Page Optimization:
Why are the users using the website? To shop FOR THE PRODUCTS. It is important that the website facilitates the product shopping as much as possible by improving the categorization of products and items. The product description must be clear yet concise; not dragging too much. Use of high quality, easily viewable pictures that can be zoomed in and out, adding videos of the products make the customer view the product clearly. Good product photos and videos give out a call to action and “I need this item” thought process in customers.

6. Check out Process
Users should not abandon the shopping cart due to some falling of the checkout process. Apart from making the checkout as mobile friendly as possible, cost and process transparency must be maintained to avoid surprises at the checkout.

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